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The leaves are rich in antioxidant, anti carcinogenic, anti fungal, anti bacterial properties due to which this can fight with various bacteria that causes diseases. The leaves maintain the glow in the skin and improve the condition of skin and hair. The tulsi leaves are also the stress busters and are commonly used in preparing herbal tea, cosmetics, and medicines. These are just a few uses of the tree and it is considered to be the nature’s gift to the human race.

Tulsi is an amazing plant which has innumerable health benefits as the leaves are rich medicinal values. Also known as holy basil this is one such herb that can be used in curing several diseases. The juice of the tulsi leaves is used to cure respiratory infections, cough, cold, sore throat and many more. Mostly seen in every yard of an Indian house this tree is auspicious to Hindus. When it is grown in organic and natural practices the leaves can be used in controlling control many health disorders.