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Neem Leaves

This is a common tree mostly seen in the parts of the subcontinent India and some of other Asian countries. With a bitter taste this herb is the best treatment of several for infections and treats pimples, skin dryness, and excess oil and is ideal for infections and allergies. Not only for skin or to treat some infections, but Neem is a magical herb that works on several hair problems and promises healthy and shining hair.

Neem Powder

In very general terms, neem is known to have an affinity for the reproductive system, the GI tract, the urinary tract, the respiratory system, and the circulatory system.6 For thousands of years, various parts of the neem tree have been gathered for traditional health promoting as well as practical everyday uses. The leaves, fruits, bark, and seed oil offer a wealth of benefits to the skin, nails, scalp, teeth and gums.