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Leman Hair Henna

Burgundy Hair Henna

Leman Hair Henna- burgundy is totally chemical free color. Leman Hair Henna – burgundy is made from the mixture of henna, amla, shikakai, reetha, indigo,etc. ,therefore it will provide extra volume,strength,shine and growth to the hairs with lovely reddish color effect with no harm. Leman 100% natural hair colors are 100% safe to use. benefits of using Leman 100% natural hair colors,by regular use of Leman 100% natural hair colors,the damaged hair due to chemical hair colors,dust,pollution,etc. Will regain shin and softness. it provides nourishment to hair and scalp. control dandruff,white hairs and hair fall. gives UV protection and maintain luster of hair shaft. so switch your chemical hair colors to Leman 100% natural hair color. note: use at interval of 15 days for six months to reduce existing grey hairs!,happy coloring!

100% Natural and Chemical free henna. Henna application on hair is for nourishment and natural coloring of hair. Lawsone herbal henna powder is made from selected henna leaves from fresh crop every season and mixed with Indian herbs like amla, aritha, shikakai etc for complete hair care. Lawsone henna is 100% natural and chemical free unlike other henna powder available in the market which contains chemicals like PPD and other chemicals which can cause skin reaction and allergy and other worse skin related problem as well. Lawsone herbal henna powder is the best way to nourish and color your hair naturally.

Black Hair Henna

Black Henna is the perfect color for people looking to deepen their already black hair and for people looking to darken their dark brown hair. Using indigo leaves in addition to a specific ratio of henna leaf and bark, this black henna is a powerful dark natural hair color. Please Note: When using henna, it is easier to go darker but difficult to go lighter. Start with a shade lighter than you expect if you are unsure.

Leman Hair Henna is 100% chemical free and contains no harsh metals, parables, or toxins that irritate the hair and scalp. No matter the color of henna, it is deeply nourishing, conditioning and the perfect alternative to harsh chemical hair dyes.

Brown Hair Henna

Organic dark brown hair henna is an ideal natural home remedy of coloring hair, hiding grays, enriching scalp & hair roots and for making hair shinier, longer & stronger. Our dark brown henna leaves a glorious dark brown color; depending upon the hair texture and base color. It is exclusively enriched with natural & organic ingredients such as indigo powder, henna powder, amla powder, shikakai powder, bhilawa powder and ratan jot, which have been prepared from the hand-picked henna leaves and other organic extracts.These all are natural ingredients that excellently smoothen & condition hair and also revitalize scalp. Our henna is absolutely free of ammonia, PPD & metallic salts which adversely affect hair texture and follicles.